It Ain't Pretty...

Hooolllyy guacamole has it been awhile!! If anyone actually does blogs anymore (other than the famous Barney Stinson y'know)... I apologize for the absence.

You know it's been awhile when...... you don't even remember your blog address. Yeah. That just happened. lol. I found it successfully though. Apparently blog stuff is hooked up to google in an even more confusing way then what it was when I started a blog in 2009. Oh wow... that was awhile ago lol.

So yeah. Life. I don't even know where to begin with it all. My last post was about my trip to KY, I believe. Lots happened after that lol. Uhhhm... I turned 18, got my amazing first job at a candy store called It'Sugar. I started as an associate but was bumped up to a keyholder/supervisor after only two weeks of working there. Yeah, I know pretty awesome! I was pretty nervous at first because that normally doesn't happen. My manager is amazing and I love her to death, my coworkers are some of my closest friends, the job itself is easy, I'm labeled as the right hand woman or also known as Assistant Manager, I get to eat candy alot so I'm not complaining lol, and boy, are there stories I could tell from that place... very humorous for sure! There are three supervisors there (including myself)... Leslie and Lisa. Lisa just started so I'm still getting to know her. Leslie however is a different story. That girl became an instant best friend! I'm so very lucky to have her as a friend, she's been there for me so many times when I needed someone. (: And then there are 4 associates I work with... two of them are "my boys". I'm just so happy I get along with all the yahoos there :p

So that's work...

My life has been pretty eventful for 2014 lol. I mean, that's one word to describe it. January-March wasn't very eventful.... but April. April was a big month for me. As well as June... Those were the months I learned the biggest lesson of life. Looks are not everything. This part of my post describes my title... It ain't pretty when a heart breaks.

And boy, did it break.

You know how the stories go... girl meets boy. Boy is completely perfect. Or so it seems at first.

Luckily I didn't fall tooooo hard.

Ok, it was a lil hard.

Funny how some things that bring you close to "death" makes you feel so alive. I'm not saying I almost died literally lol. Everything was perfect in my life for like 4 weeks and then everything just came down all at once. And that was not fun lol.

Heart was broken. Trust was lost. But I gained so many things from this.

I got stronger. I picked up the pieces and moved on. Fixed what he shattered. I learned that the bad guys in life are the guys with the sweetest smile, best laugh, and great looks. I also learned that it's not worth it. No guy should ever treat any girl the way this guy treated me. Which is why it was so easy to move on I think... because it was tough. I'm rootin for karma ;) lol anyyywwaaay, keeping it vague, I know. Just tryin to prove a point that looks are deceiving and not worth the heartache.

Moving on.

I'm gettin my wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday so I'm really scurred!

I really have no idea what else to write at the moment and who knows, this may be my last post for another 9 months xD Hopefully not, but life is busy!! I hope all 2 of my followers who actually still care are having a splendid life!!! Until next time, fellow Americans.

-Just B


Story from my summer

long time since my last post- sorry about that, but to make up for it, I'll give a story which i'm sure you'll love that happened with my best friend/twin... enjoy ;) warning- involves being called hobos and facing park rangers :p

It all started when I visited Sammy Soso the last week of July in 2013, first time seeing my twin after 9 years. Great reunion! More of that later, but for now, we will focus on the story of the hobos. It just so happened that the week I visited, the lil kids contracted a flu, one of the younger siblings attached herself to me and soon I ended up with a cold. So here I am, first time seeing my best friend after 9 years, a photographer determined to have a photo shoot with her, but sick as a pup. Still wouldn’t stop that photo shoot, we headed out to a pretty place in Kentucky for pictures on the day that my cold was the worst. Once we got to the destination, she and her sister assure me that it’s an abandoned camp site and we most likely won’t get in trouble. There was this one cabin that was unlocked which we decided to make our “hold up”. For our photo shoot, we couldn’t decide on what theme, so we borrowed their brother’s civil war revolver replica that only had blanks in it, remember that, and we also had a homemade bow and arrow that Moriah, the sister, made. Once we had gotten all situated, Sam wanted to travel to the railroad tracks that was like 6000 miles away down a very steep hill, and I’m not exaggerating one bit. Ok, maybe a little, but still. We left the gun, bow and arrow, and some clothes there on the table in the cabin and headed to the railroad tracks a state away. Ok so it’s only like 4 miles away and down a very, very steep hill. With all the walking being done, I thought for sure I was going to die with all the wheezing and panting and trying to breathe through my very stuffy nose. Oh, and did I mention we had no water? Yeah, we should have thought of that. Anyway, we do our photo shoot, easily over 1,000 pictures taken and we start heading back up the steep hill and the 4-5 miles back to camp. As we head up the hill, we think we hear the sound of a train, but we decide it’s only the barge on the river honking it’s horn. We make it to the half top, still have to climb one more rock. Sam and Moriah go up one way and I try to figure out a different way that’s easier and won’t make me feel so dead. I had it figured out, thinking I could do a movie rock climb stunt, but only it’s real life and I don’t have a mattress beneath me to catch me if I fall, only a sudden death by rocks and tree stumps. Here I am, sick out of my mind, wanting a drink of water and trying to breathe as best as possible but still thinking I can do an amazing stunt. Only problem? When I swing one leg up on the rock, my other boot gets stuck on the rock ledge below. Thinking for sure that these were my final moments, I almost started crying and realized that I would probably be the first to die in the Hunger Games. Joy. I mentally smack myself to pull myself together and calmly pull my leg out of the rock’s hold, quickly swinging the rest of me up on the top rock. There on my back I start laughing and breathing once more. Not believing I was still alive. And then suddenly all of us heard it. The very loud horn of the train. If we hadn’t left the tracks the time we did, we’d be train food. So there we are, at the top, thanking God we’re still alive, except for my poor sunglasses that I had with me, and watching the train go by. We all catch our breath and start heading back to camp. Little did we know that two park rangers on a gator were waiting for us to return. Once we get in view of the cabin and notice the gator, we start looking at each other and wondering why they were in front of our cabin. I was tempted to keep on walking, but we did need our stuff. Hellos were exchanged and we were notified by the senior ranger that “it seems there are people living in this cabin” because there was a “loaded” gun, bow and arrow, and clothes on the table. We decided to help the poor guy out and explain we own the stuff, to his surprise. Apparently they were expecting two gay guys, because of my jacket thing. Thanks, no really, thank you park ranger. When we mentioned that everything on the table belonged to us, his eyes widened like a little kid who finds out Santa isn’t real, sorry people, and proceeds to ask us if we’ve been living there. We all looked at each other and tried not to laugh; even though all the walking and climbing may have made us sweat and gather dirt on our clothes, we were apparently much cleaner than your average hobo. Explaining we did not in fact live in this lovely, run down, dusty, most likely rat infested shack, we then attempted to go in the house, but were stopped immediately by the ranger yelling saying that we can’t enter or even go near it until the police from Louisville show up. So we all take a seat on the ground, taking random pictures and conversing with the rangers. Ok, more like mocking them but sweetly. At one point, my nose started dripping and I asked if they had tissue, to our surprise, they had a roll of toilet paper. I’m now rethinking my decision of using that. The rangers also went into detail about how dangerous a blank gun is, claiming that one person had died from it there in that camp site. Excuse me while I scratch my head and wonder about this. When we weren’t discussing gay males, hobos taking over the cabin and us living there, and the dangerous blank filled gun, Sam, Moriah, and I talked amongst ourselves. Now, I don’t blame the senior ranger for laughing at our conversations, we are totally hilarious, but when you stare at us and smile creepily, I start getting concerned. After about 30 minutes of waiting, the cop from Louisville finally showed up. He asked the two rangers why he drove all the way down there, and to be honest, he didn’t seem too pleased to find out the reason. He examined all our stuff, took apart the gun, and while smoking a large cigar, stated to us that our gun was in fact dangerous. I couldn’t pass that comment up so I turned on my phone and wrote out on an empty text page for the girls that “smoking ain’t that much better.” Which, of course made them giggle, only to capture our two creepers—er, I mean rangers’ attentions. After taking apart the gun, and writing down Sam’s information on what appeared to be a napkin, we were allowed to gather our stuff and go home. About half way to the car we all busted out laughing, and wondered how bad those two rangers got in trouble. So there you have it, we’re hobos and escaped being arrested and celebrated our victory at McDonalds.


Long Time No Post..... Woops

Hey thereeee stranger!!! it's been awhile, huh? Yeaahhh, sorry about the lack of posts (as if anyone even reads this anyway ;P) Sooo, let's see... Uhh, I'm not longer a high school student! (: I graduated May 11 and am sooo happy and feel very free! haha It was a great day, rained all morning and was muggy (Florida weather.. yuck), but other than that it was a wonderful day (: So much traveling lately haha, my lil sis got to come to Florida with us (: So that was fun haha.. did I post about Josh's BCT graduation? oh, so we went to Texas too haha, and hopefully we'll be goin to Sheppard AFB next month for the 4th... yay!!! Texas again!!! :D So what's new with y'all? I'm starting to drive, so stay off the road ;D haha Well, I gotta go do some stuff.... I'll post pics soon of everything (: Bye for now!


I have a good reason....

Sooo, it's been a few months, huh? haha I have a really good excuse!!!! Let me explain.. it all started back in January when my older bro joined the Air Force. Basic training takes 2 months. Soooo, that's what my life has been about lately, traveling. And my computer kinda died. I need a new laptop lol.. Back to the story, my brother successfully finished AF training last month and I was thrilled to be back in Texas!!!! (: Saw alot of my friends/family while there and it was great seeing both my bros (: Anywayyyy..... that's where I've been lately. And now I'm battling a cold. Grrr. Took the ACTs yesterday.. blegh. Oh wells, what will be will be... (: Tomorrow starts the first day of my last full week of school.. I'm sooo excited! It's finally here! I'm a grown up! My life starts! I'm scared to death!!!! hahah Well, I need some rest.. til next time people (:


You're the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to Me

You've been my Friend for so long,
You were right when I was wrong,
I can't repay all the love You've given me

You were my friend when no one cared,
I was alone, but You were there.
Lord, You're the best thing that's ever happened to me

I owe it all to You, Lord, all I have is Yours, Lord,
Take my life, make me what You'd have me be.

I'm Your child, and You're my Father,
I'm the clay, and You're the Potter,
Lord, You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Borrowed treasures, borrowed dreams,
All life's joys You've given me,
When troubles come, You're always there to make me smile.

Let come what may, Thy will be done,
I love You, Jesus, God's precious Son,
Lord, You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I owe it all to You, Lord, all I have is Yours, Lord,
Take my life, make me what You'd have me be

I'm Your child, and You're my Father,
I'm the clay and You're the Potter,
Lord, You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Lord, You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.... <3



One Place....

I am SO sick of the media all over irrelevant things these days. I can't go anywhere without hearing about One Direction and their love lives. I can't go anywhere and not hear about how Taylor Swift is dating a new dude. Oh, and don't forget about all the breakups and births that are happening to celebrities all over the world. Honestly, who cares?
Um, the world has way more important things going on right now, way more important things then celebrities lives. So Taylor Swift's mock accent to Harry Styles was pretty funny and I loved it so much, but I'm not gonna get high blood pressure over hating either one. Why do people care so much about celebrities? I'm SOOOO sick of all this news over these people's lives that really don't matter to every day living. Which brings me to this post....
Should I:
A) Delete my facebook account and/or go on a break from it?
B) Get rid of any friends of mine that are obsessive of them and won't shut up about them? (getting rid I don't mean not being their friend anymore lol)
C) Go all crazy and become a hermit? lol
For once, I'd like to hold an intelligent conversation with someone not concerning One Direction, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, One Direction, actors and actresses, or One Direction lol
I need a place far away from here and news..... sighs. Like the beach lol


God's Sweet Amazing Grace....

It never ceases to amaze me... God's grace, that is. It's just so..... amazing! I mean, really... where would we all be without His grace? Heading for a dark eternity. I'm so thankful for His wonderful grace <3

God's amazing grace sent down from heaven,
Rescued me from death and from shame;
Opened up my eyes and brought salvation,
Now I'm his, praise his holy name.
Now I know that He is mine, I am His forever,
He is leading me along life's way;
He'll be holding to my hand when I cross death's river,
He will take the sting of death away.
'Tis so sweet just to know I have Jesus with me,
He will keep me from sin and from strife;
He delivered me from condemnation,
Now I have eternal life.
Now I know that He is mine, I am His forever,
He is leading me along life's way;
He'll be holding to my hand when I cross death's river,
He will take the sting of death away.
That is one of my aboslute favorite songs, and if you haven't heard it, I encourage you to look it up and listen to it (: It's so pretty.... anndd my lil sissy and I might be singing it soon (: haha if she agrees ;p So, I've had that song in my head for quite awhile and decided to put in on here... noooww.. I have a test in English tomorrow... why am I blogging?
Night, y'all! (: