Friends (:

Ok, so enough of the deep posts for now :P I wanna introduce you to my friends... my sunshine in the sunshine, lollipops, and rainbow life (:
So, let's begin.....
My friend, Cayla, I met at Indian Creek Baptist Camp this year.. who is the same age (exact, birth day, age, year) as my lil sis, Jadyn (: She friended me at camp and made that week great.. I was having a tough time and she became my bestie (:

My lil sis, Jadyn, who I met last year, my first best friend I met up here (: She brought the lollipops into my life (: Why is she my sister, one might ask.... Last year at camp, we found that she was JUST like me... in everything.... it's pretty scary haha, but hey, she made me adjust to life up here better (: She's my crazy, insane, violent, random, moo-spotting, zombie-killing, josh-hating, gorgeous little sister (:

Then there's one of my Junior Church/lil bro's, Brett.... he's a sweetheart to me 75% of the time haha (:


Then there's my Carlabelle!!!! My dear, sweet Carly (: she's of my friends up here who is also helping me adjust to the life up here (:

Jadyn's, my, and Carly's toes (: Jadyn's has the silver flipflops, I have the blue nail polish, and Carly is the one with blue straps (:

Aaahhh... my lil brother, Jenny Lee Berkshire ;D haha Jeffrey is a goober half the time, but he acts like my lil bro like all.the.time... the nickname? Well, before we left for camp, our church made a list of all the campers' names and Jeffrey wasn't listed, however, there was a Jennifer on there, and Jadyn and I thought that that meant Jeffrey (there was a Jennifer that went with us) and so, Jadyn and I met Jeffrey downstairs and told him his new name was Jennifer... but I was gonna call him Jenny. The Lee and Berkshire came when he and I were texting the Sunday before we left, I randomly called him that and now it's his name haha (:

 Sisters, sisters.....
Never were there such devoted sisters... haha I'm like "uhh, I don't think so, Missy moo..."




AAhh, my sweet, dear, perfect Olivia (: First person who really welcomed me up here, she'll always be one of my besties (:

Then there's my Texas girls (: The ones I've known since forever haha.... known all these girls like my whole life... 

"Best of friends never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart..."
 And of course, there's my big sister, my Sissy (: my sweet, perfect, angelic, price-finding ;), piggy back riding-giver sister (:

Look at those brown eyes...
No, the blue!
Oh, no, the brown...
No, the blue....

ok, I felt like an Irish or Spanish dancer in that red dress... and i absolutely loved it!

That's how we roll... ;D

Me and my sisters..... (: and those are about half my friends haha (:



Bekah said...

1. I love your friends. <3
2. I love your "White Christmas" references!
3. I love you...oh so much :D

Sharon said...

I love all the pics! :) And ah yes I love friends!!! :) It was so nice to "meet" yours!

Brooke Hamelund said...

haha thanks, girls (: friends are da best that's for sure (: