Shots from Angel

So, last Saturday, September 15, 2012, my parents surprised me with my Angel! Since 2010, I've been carryin around Dixie and using her for pictures, she's a wonderful camera still, but Angel is better :D My dream camera and I still can't believe I have her!!! :D So, I played around with her on Sunday at church and got some wonderful pictures of some willing subjects.. and I also let my lil sis play around with it too ;D Enjoy the results :D
Canon EOS Rebel T3i. 18 mp. 18-55mm zoom and can have other lenses (:

love the quality :D Ed was my first photo shoot haha

This was near the end..... the next pic says it all

He was done with pics haha

Taz took forever to get pics of! I finally got some good ones...

This was taken right after a really loud thunder clap... she was scared haha, this is Callee (:

Back to Eddie haha

Love this shot!!

He's a pretty boy...

Love my focus (:

Steven.... my future husband ;D

haha I don't know what he was doing here....

Such a cutie!

He got these bubbles in his award bag (from the Patch Ceremony) and when he pulled it out he gasped sooo loud and Jadyn and I started cracking up laughing so hard haha

He was bored lol

I love the color here and the brightness, the use of natural light (:

Jadyn's eye haha

I love this pic of Jake... it's so cute!

Jadyn being her pretty self (:

Now being her sweet & innocent self ;P

Some girls from the Patch Club (:

My lunch haha

Ashley's lil bro (:

And Jadyn and I had an impromptu photo shoot with this umbrella (:

She fell in love with Angel too ;D

Love this shot!!!

She's so cute hahaa

And so is her brother, Steven, my future guy ;P


Jadyn took this (:

And I took this one ;D


Sharon said...

AAAH! I am soooo jealous!!!!! You got a Rebel?!!! MAN!! Lol well congratulations!!!! :) *sigh* someday my camera will come... ;)

Brooke Hamelund said...

hahah you can come visit me and i'll let you play with her! (:

Bekah said...

That is an AWESOME umbrella! Hehe congrats again with your Angel :D (can't wait to introduce her and Chloe!)