Remember to Keep Your Testimony!

My dad is in the Army, we'll start off with that lol. We were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, from 1998 to 2010, so, I grew up there. That's home to me. We didn't live on the post, we lived in the city right next to it, Killeen. (: Killeen isn't a very big city, but it is very.... heavy, I guess is the word. Alot happens there, crime mostly. So, growing up there, my brothers and I were kinda sheltered. We didn't get to go places alone, I wasn't even allowed to walk across the street to my friend, Faith's house without one of my brothers! (Mostly because where we lived had the most crimes in the apartments ;P)
So, yeah, when Nathan (my oldest bro) was in his teens, he started doing things, going places, he was kinda free in a sense. I remember, as far back as I can remember lol, that whenever my brother left the house, my dad would shout out to him "Remember to keep your testimony!!" I never really understood what that meant til *I* started becoming free! Of course, that was when we moved up here in IL lol.
So, a couple months ago, my sister (Bek) came and visited me... My parents have standards and I know them... I was tempted to go to the mall with my sister in my tank top without a shirt over it. But as we were leaving my house for the mall, my dad texted me and just said "Remember to keep your testimony".... And that hit me. I finally got it! Hey, I may not agree with evvveerrryyyttthhiinnnggg my parents set for me, but I live under their roof, I have to obey them. They don't really care for just tank tops, so when I got that text, something inside me said "don't forget to put that other shirt over it." Because my parents set a standard and reminded me of it, I was able to keep my testimony! (Now, I'm not saying everyone needs to have a very strict dress standard lol)
1 Corinthians 8:3 "But if any man love God, the same is known of him." (KJV) I can see y'all's looks already... at least those who don't do the KJV lol. To me, the verse is telling me "If you love God, you need to show it! If you love Him, truly love Him, it needs to show." You can show it in many things... remember, man looks on the outside, but God looks on the heart.... yes, a personal relationship with God is very important, but how will a man know you love God if you don't show it? It needs to shine through. I know a girl here in my church who loves the Lord with all her heart and it shines through every day! That's the kinda attitude we need. People need to see a difference in us as Christians. They should be able to take one look at us and think "hmmm, something's different with that person, and I wanna know what it is" We need to keep that testimony! We need to show the world that we love God! It's very important now these days... so, listen to my dad, if you want haha... remember to keep your testimony. (:


Where's Brookie?

Heyyy!!! So, um, this crazy girl has been in a whirlwind life right now and not having much time to blog {sadness}..... main thing is school.... so busy I haven't had a chance to breathe! In order to graduate in Florida with the homsechool class of 2013 who's taking Abeka curriculum, I have to be finished with school before the normal deadline! Sooooo, I'm finishing in April... can't wait for the finished prize, but I'm hating the stress lol. Every other week, I double up in my classes which takes away time that I need for my different papers/reading books. So my day looks something like this.....


Ok, that's not true, but that does look like my face when I have so much to do ;D Just kidding... thiiiisss looks more like my day!
Or, that's what my brain looks like hahah
So, school is kinda really stressful, I have my 9 weeks exams coming up, 3 books to read at the same time, gonna have to write a test-graded paper on Macbeth {bleh}, need to study political terms for Government, memorizing a monologue for a test graded speech, a test-graded paper on something political that's due like soon, and sewing a skirt..... that's just the small version of everything... oh, and don't forget the lack of sleep... with loads of homework, I'm usually up til 11 something at night and up at 6:30ish every morning with a pretty terrible night of sleep!
Why yes, thanks for asking, I do feel better after whining ;D Hey, I needed somewhere to vent.... hahaha. So yeah, please pray that I don't lose my calm again and I focus on everything. With so much to do... why in the world am I blogging?
Ta-ta for now!