Where's Brookie?

Heyyy!!! So, um, this crazy girl has been in a whirlwind life right now and not having much time to blog {sadness}..... main thing is school.... so busy I haven't had a chance to breathe! In order to graduate in Florida with the homsechool class of 2013 who's taking Abeka curriculum, I have to be finished with school before the normal deadline! Sooooo, I'm finishing in April... can't wait for the finished prize, but I'm hating the stress lol. Every other week, I double up in my classes which takes away time that I need for my different papers/reading books. So my day looks something like this.....


Ok, that's not true, but that does look like my face when I have so much to do ;D Just kidding... thiiiisss looks more like my day!
Or, that's what my brain looks like hahah
So, school is kinda really stressful, I have my 9 weeks exams coming up, 3 books to read at the same time, gonna have to write a test-graded paper on Macbeth {bleh}, need to study political terms for Government, memorizing a monologue for a test graded speech, a test-graded paper on something political that's due like soon, and sewing a skirt..... that's just the small version of everything... oh, and don't forget the lack of sleep... with loads of homework, I'm usually up til 11 something at night and up at 6:30ish every morning with a pretty terrible night of sleep!
Why yes, thanks for asking, I do feel better after whining ;D Hey, I needed somewhere to vent.... hahaha. So yeah, please pray that I don't lose my calm again and I focus on everything. With so much to do... why in the world am I blogging?
Ta-ta for now!

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Bekah said...

Don't forget to smile! (and to text your crazy sis every now and then!) Hehe loves you!