God's Sweet Amazing Grace....

It never ceases to amaze me... God's grace, that is. It's just so..... amazing! I mean, really... where would we all be without His grace? Heading for a dark eternity. I'm so thankful for His wonderful grace <3

God's amazing grace sent down from heaven,
Rescued me from death and from shame;
Opened up my eyes and brought salvation,
Now I'm his, praise his holy name.
Now I know that He is mine, I am His forever,
He is leading me along life's way;
He'll be holding to my hand when I cross death's river,
He will take the sting of death away.
'Tis so sweet just to know I have Jesus with me,
He will keep me from sin and from strife;
He delivered me from condemnation,
Now I have eternal life.
Now I know that He is mine, I am His forever,
He is leading me along life's way;
He'll be holding to my hand when I cross death's river,
He will take the sting of death away.
That is one of my aboslute favorite songs, and if you haven't heard it, I encourage you to look it up and listen to it (: It's so pretty.... anndd my lil sissy and I might be singing it soon (: haha if she agrees ;p So, I've had that song in my head for quite awhile and decided to put in on here... noooww.. I have a test in English tomorrow... why am I blogging?
Night, y'all! (:


Cookies, Ice cream, Fire, and My bro.... Just Random

What's new in mee life? lots haha And I figured I'd show y'all with pictures since I don't post pictures much on here haha... Josh turned 20 a few weeks ago, he leaves next tuesday for basic in San Antonio :-/ So yeah, here's a few pictures of the last few weeks hahah
I love taking random pictures, so stay with me haha this here is my favoritest ice cream in the world..cookies n cream <3 i should be a food photographer (:
I inherited lots of candles from my grandma last year, so I was playing with them recently....
I love fire pictures
pretty cool, huh?
the smoke... was amazing.
alright, I'm easily fascinated.
Josh's bday came.. with homemade frosting... (the best)
uploaded this at the wrong time, but I made cookies! (: Best part of making cookies is the cookie dough <3
that's my bro and dad lol
back to the best part of baking cookies...
I seriously could eat all the cookie dough.
the cookies turned out pretty good too haha
one of my fav pictures ever lol
Jadyn went shopping for josh... got him a card, bubble bath soap in a pink bag... haha
the envelope hah
hahah i loved his face!!
even posed with it :P
a few times :P
she was reading him the ingredients.
cake for his leaving
Steven!!!! <3


I Had a Plan....

Ok, here's how it went....
I started school last Wednesday, and I had planned for this year, to wake up at 5am to go running. Therefore, I did have a plan. But, since I started school on such an odd day, I told myself: "Self, let's start Monday" And that was my next plan. (E for effort, ok? ;P) So, Sunday, I told my sissy and lil bro about my plan, one laughed and the other said "awesome, me too"... I'll let you figure out who was what lol. So yeah.. my plan for the whole new  year was to wake up at 5am and go running for about an hr. Yay lol. On our way home last night I saw something terrible. Every sidewalk had a HUUUGGEEE wet spot. And living in Illinois, one can assume that it's just water.......... in 16 degree weather.. so that water is actually ice. One can conclude: If I wake up and run at 5am, when 5am has no way of seeing anything but darkness, I'm gonna die.
Ok, well, mostly everyone would conclude that you'd twist your ankle, but knowing me (the clumsiest person living on this planet), I would somehow find a way to break my ankle, kiss the ground, and probably bust open my head... therefore death.
Sooooooo......I figured it all out in mee head last night... and just had a question linger in that head. Is running and getting back in shape worth the risk of possible death at age 17? I think not.
Running, you're gonna wait til the spring.
I so need motivation now :/ hahah but hey! I did have a plan...