Cookies, Ice cream, Fire, and My bro.... Just Random

What's new in mee life? lots haha And I figured I'd show y'all with pictures since I don't post pictures much on here haha... Josh turned 20 a few weeks ago, he leaves next tuesday for basic in San Antonio :-/ So yeah, here's a few pictures of the last few weeks hahah
I love taking random pictures, so stay with me haha this here is my favoritest ice cream in the world..cookies n cream <3 i should be a food photographer (:
I inherited lots of candles from my grandma last year, so I was playing with them recently....
I love fire pictures
pretty cool, huh?
the smoke... was amazing.
alright, I'm easily fascinated.
Josh's bday came.. with homemade frosting... (the best)
uploaded this at the wrong time, but I made cookies! (: Best part of making cookies is the cookie dough <3
that's my bro and dad lol
back to the best part of baking cookies...
I seriously could eat all the cookie dough.
the cookies turned out pretty good too haha
one of my fav pictures ever lol
Jadyn went shopping for josh... got him a card, bubble bath soap in a pink bag... haha
the envelope hah
hahah i loved his face!!
even posed with it :P
a few times :P
she was reading him the ingredients.
cake for his leaving
Steven!!!! <3

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Brianna said...

Cool post!!!! Cookies and Creme is my favorite ice cream also, but I can't have it anymore. :( Those cookies looked so yummy, and I totally agree with you about the cookie dough being the best part. :)