One Place....

I am SO sick of the media all over irrelevant things these days. I can't go anywhere without hearing about One Direction and their love lives. I can't go anywhere and not hear about how Taylor Swift is dating a new dude. Oh, and don't forget about all the breakups and births that are happening to celebrities all over the world. Honestly, who cares?
Um, the world has way more important things going on right now, way more important things then celebrities lives. So Taylor Swift's mock accent to Harry Styles was pretty funny and I loved it so much, but I'm not gonna get high blood pressure over hating either one. Why do people care so much about celebrities? I'm SOOOO sick of all this news over these people's lives that really don't matter to every day living. Which brings me to this post....
Should I:
A) Delete my facebook account and/or go on a break from it?
B) Get rid of any friends of mine that are obsessive of them and won't shut up about them? (getting rid I don't mean not being their friend anymore lol)
C) Go all crazy and become a hermit? lol
For once, I'd like to hold an intelligent conversation with someone not concerning One Direction, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, One Direction, actors and actresses, or One Direction lol
I need a place far away from here and news..... sighs. Like the beach lol

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Bekah said...

I vote for the hermit option - as long as you take me with you. :)