I have a good reason....

Sooo, it's been a few months, huh? haha I have a really good excuse!!!! Let me explain.. it all started back in January when my older bro joined the Air Force. Basic training takes 2 months. Soooo, that's what my life has been about lately, traveling. And my computer kinda died. I need a new laptop lol.. Back to the story, my brother successfully finished AF training last month and I was thrilled to be back in Texas!!!! (: Saw alot of my friends/family while there and it was great seeing both my bros (: Anywayyyy..... that's where I've been lately. And now I'm battling a cold. Grrr. Took the ACTs yesterday.. blegh. Oh wells, what will be will be... (: Tomorrow starts the first day of my last full week of school.. I'm sooo excited! It's finally here! I'm a grown up! My life starts! I'm scared to death!!!! hahah Well, I need some rest.. til next time people (:

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