Long Time No Post..... Woops

Hey thereeee stranger!!! it's been awhile, huh? Yeaahhh, sorry about the lack of posts (as if anyone even reads this anyway ;P) Sooo, let's see... Uhh, I'm not longer a high school student! (: I graduated May 11 and am sooo happy and feel very free! haha It was a great day, rained all morning and was muggy (Florida weather.. yuck), but other than that it was a wonderful day (: So much traveling lately haha, my lil sis got to come to Florida with us (: So that was fun haha.. did I post about Josh's BCT graduation? oh, so we went to Texas too haha, and hopefully we'll be goin to Sheppard AFB next month for the 4th... yay!!! Texas again!!! :D So what's new with y'all? I'm starting to drive, so stay off the road ;D haha Well, I gotta go do some stuff.... I'll post pics soon of everything (: Bye for now!

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