Meet the Family

The Family
Not sure if y'all are ready to meet the craziness, but here goes :p

 First off, meet the parents. These two are the nuttiest people I have ever seen and are sometimes totally opposite, dad being his sarcastic wanna-be-a-teen-sometimes self and mom being a mother, the serious, don't embarrass us person... trust me, we need that person around more than you think! They met in 1990, got married in January 1991, then dad left for the Army in March that same year haha. Shortly after that, Nathan was born.. he's the golden child.

Nathan is the oldest of us three weirdos, born in July of 91. He's always been an active child, but with a sense of maturity... course that comes with being the oldest :p He graduated from high school in 2009, joined the Army, just like dad, same year, then decided to get married to the pretty lady next to him, Tracy, in July 2010. Shortly after the wedding, they were stationed in Germany and now are excited about moving back to the states later this year. Now with two men of the house in the military, you can only imagine our support and pride of the Armed Forces! And can only imagine the excitement and happiness we had when my second brother joined/graduated from Air Force Basic! (: Speaking of the silver child....

Joshua is the second one to the triple threat, or the silver child. He's always been the complete opposite of Nathan and I, so quiet and reserved, but like super smart. It's crazy. Josh graduated from high school in 2012 and had been trying to get into Air Force, finally after a yearish, they took him! haha He just graduated in March and we enjoyed seeing him accomplish this big milestone. Now, he is doing more training at Sheppard AFB and just for a side note, I am one proud sissy (: Now to add a Marine in the group, *coughfuturehusband?cough* ;)

Then, finally, there's me... the baby.. or bronze child, whichever you prefer :p I've always been a little nutty and am kinda Nathan's replica... it's scary how much we're alike, and probably the main reason we never got along when we were younger lol. My ambition is to be a photographer one day (: I'm a pianist and love music, which led to my teaching piano to two kids at church.. well, my lil sis and a lil boy who's basically a brother lol. I also teach Junior Church.. I love kids, if you couldn't tell ;) My home is in Texas, that's where all we kids claim home anyway haha, so I'm a major Texas girl. (: I finished high school this year and am still deciding college.. I'm kinda shy at first, but once you get me talking, you'll regret that decision ;p


I always wanted a sister, or sisters, but was never blessed with biological ones. In December 2009, I met this girl. Meet Bekah. (: She and I became best friends immediately and soon "sisters". She's the one I can talk to about anything, giggle like a little girl with, and my shoulder to cry on. She joined the National Guard this year and is currently training (: she left me though, so boo there.. :( haha but seriously, I am proud of her!! She's a great photographer and super smart.. it's not fair :p
In June 2011, God blessed me with my lil sister! Of course, at first, we really didn't wanna have anything to do with each other, her being 3 1/2 years younger than me, but on our trip to camp she and I became so close, best friends. After that we dropped that title and went to "sisters", Seriously? I don't know what I'd do without this nutcase. She's as crazy as I am, 10 times worse and is my little sidekick. She's gonna be a Freshman this year and is becoming a fine pianist (thanks to her totally awesome teacher ;)), has a pretty good eye for photography too, and is just the sunshine to everyone's day (: Right now, her plan for her future is joining the Navy!